® is the only 100% Swiss Chocolate franchise and licensee concept
offering a formula of chocolate-coffee shop like this, worldwide.

100% SWISS

From products to know-how, from design to system in order to travel in our country trough one of ours products of excellence: Swiss Chocolate.


The quality of chocolate trough a handicraft production, enhancing care and attention of the individual product.


Retail products are manufactured in Switzerland and provided to the shops in order to maintain high-quality level and simplify processes.

Why mySwissChoco?


A background of experience and knowledge available for our future partners, a support team with a guaranteed know-how.


Chocolate products, chocolate-coffee drinks, soft ice-cream and crepes to offer a variety of choices and opportunities based on Swiss chocolate and different tasty shapes.


Recipes are created and studied by our Swiss Pastry chefs.


We guarantee initial training based on shop workflow and customer experience system, selling dynamics and production methods of fresh products. In addition, an ongoing support and upkeep for a proper repair, maintenance and work of the shop.


The use of “Swiss” and “Swissmade” trademark. The names Swiss and Switzerland are strongly protected by Swiss authorities. (New Law, January 2017). This protection is a guarantee that the label “Made in Switzerland” and “Swiss” define a genuine Swiss product and system. We give to our partners the opportunity to use the Swiss Brand, worldwide.


Starting from inspection of the shop location, design and construction by our architects, to supplying and acceptance testing, we provide a turnkey point of sale.

To visit Switzerland, admire its landscape and enjoy its culture but not enjoy a piece of chocolate, is like taking a half trip.

One of peculiarity of this country is the production of delicious chocolate, made by hundreds years of experience, a characteristic that gives to Switzerland fame and economic wealth for this mark.
Chocolate production and sale in Tons (2013 data): 179061 of which: 69399 for Swiss market and 109662 for abroad market.

For Swiss people, developing the art of chocolate has set up their fortune and thanks to them the important innovations regarding the production of chocolate bonbon: certainly it must be remember the technique of tempering which avoids the formation of lumps, the mixing technic that combines and blends cocoa and sugar.

It was in Switzerland that have been created the chocolate milk, the hazelnut chocolate and especially the filings.

The first aboad Swiss chocolate factory was opened in Berlin around 1800 by Josty brothers, who it becames an important point of mee-ting for important artists, writers and even politicians.

Thirty years after, the production of chocolate with the Swiss technic arrived In Norway, Sweden and even Russia.

The first chocolate factory in Switzerland was opened in 1818 by Cailler.

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